The potatoes have grown to a point where I need to add another layer on top of the potato box.

I will spare you the boring cutting and simply say two foot long boarding, four pieces and four pieces of 2×4 41/2″ long

You will also need a small handful of nails. Depending on your wood supply they can be easily reclaimed. 

A word on rusted nails. While they still work very well, you must take care not go perforate yourself in the process. I have heard tetanus is a real drag. 

Apply the four 2×4 blocks to each end of two boards like this. 

The only bits to watch here are first your fingers, second that the 2×4 blocks are roughly flush to the edge, and third that you leave one end of the 2×4 blocking below what will be the top of the ring 

Notice above the top of the 2×4 is exposed board. This makes the next frame drop right into place. 

He next stop is to affix the remaining two sides. They should be flush with the adjacent side and retain the shelf created by the 2×4 block. 

Silly things like square, level, and even are kind of riding the bench on this one since the potatoes don’t care, and it’s too nice to invest a whole day on a potato box. 

There you have it. The next level for the potatoes.

And installed. 

The gap saves a bit on material, provides airflow,and drainage. 

Until next time…


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