Thinking chicken

I think the time has  come to add a small flock to the homestead. What I’m wrestling with now is coop placement so that I don’t bind up the works.

The way the land is laid out leaves a roughly seven foot wide path between the barn and the brook. I will need to traverse this to move any flock into the front yard.

The current thinking is thus(cue groovy flashback sequence)

Build a Mobile coop that is tall enough to fit the wheel barrow/ compost pile under. It should be small enough to be easily moved around the property, and able to house a flock all year long. It should have laying boxes onboard and storage for all feed. If possible it should also contain its own run.

Some other blue sky parameters to shoot for are that the coop should be easy to replicate. And able to be open source when done.

Considering I have not done this before we could be in for a long road.

Until next time…



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