Today is a bit of clean up and organization. The wood is taking over the working area. 

Like any good shenanigans it all starts with a fresh mowed lawn. 

For an assortment of nearly useless plants grown to replicate a rug. There is something about a fresh cut lawn. I think it’s the fact that now it’s working for me instead on the other way. 

For today’s project I need wood storage. This will be for both the backyard fire ring and the wood burner when we get there. 

Start out with a base. I found this pallet for free and canabalised the fire pit a little to get this. 

Now to frame in some walls.  Let the reclamation begin. 

These bad boys are going to be the back wall and another for the ridge pole. 

Here’s a look at what I’ve reclaimed so far. It is enough to do the back wall. 

As you can see I’ve lost my light. 
Until next time…


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