There has not been a lot going on here the weather has been in he nineties and it’s really been too nasty to be out except mornings and evenings. Tonight I have added on to the tater tower. 

My supply of beauty queen wood is nearly exhausted so this layer is a little… Abstract?

I’ve also hoed in one of the new beds and laid on buckwheat 

It’s not much to look at now but when the buckwheat comes in its a sight to behold. The slugs have all but gone away, I switched to only water in the morning and it seemed to do the trick. We have our first squash I just noticed it while I was trying to knock up the cucumber bushes(don’t ask). 

I’m getting used to mounding these monsters. They will be back in a day easily. I set up some folding chairs where my garden sanctuary is going to be. 

I’m liking this life already. 
Until next time…


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