Today is much cooler so I am continuing with the walls. Today it is the sides and thanks to a quick trip to the lumber yard hopefully the roof. 

First steps here are to reclaim all of the needed peices. Since we are reclaiming and the goal is to have near zero waste it is occasionally necessary to splice

As seen here. The vertical pieces were 30 inches and cutting 4 pieces at 30 inches would have ended in about two feet of waste I used the scrap from three peices and spliced the fourth needed piece. 

From there I make a square similar to the back wall. 

Notice the spliced piece is facing inward. This edge will share a corner with the back wall to ease the stress on the splice. 

Two sides down. Time now to attach them to the base. 

With the sides attached it is now time to work on the roof. 

Until next time…


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