An over abundance of wood that is not quite trash yet. Has facilitated the need for a way to process such material.

Enter the chainsaw. Before we get that far, I’ll need something to hold the work up off of the ground. Lets face it i’m not getting any younger, So enter the Sawbuck.

The sawbuck is simply a saw horse with a v notch at the top.

This one was put together in a matter of minutes using the scrap I’m already converting.

It looks good next to the woodshed

I re thought the chainsaw a bit and came to the conclusion that I don’t really want to buy another chain sure to nail damage. So, enter the bow saw, not quite as scary but still effective.

So as it turns out my mind is more spirited than my body so the chainsaw came out.

Short work, now it’s down to putting it away.

Until next time…


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