55gallons just isn’t what it used to be. The garden has nearly tripled in size and it’s not shrinking anytime soon. My next option is to upgrade the rain catch. 220 gallons seems like a good start that can be done cheaply.

Here is where the reserves are going to sit. The first step is to get the barrels into position to see if it will fit.

To facilitate this a quick mow was in order.

At first glance they will fit.

The next stop is to create a level base. But here’s the thing. With these three monsters full I’m looking at over 1,300 lbs. the other troubling thin here is that to level the ground would create water drainage issues for the building.

off to think and research.

until next time…



  1. Yessss!!! Collecting water is precious. I am learning with one barrel, and end of summer drought how expensive my water bills still are! Need more barrels! We go through one barrel in about 4 days. It doesn’t rain every 4 days.. But it does collect it so fast. Need more barrels!!! This is a great post! Keep up the good work!

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