We love our old farm house. It’s quality construction, and unique charms make it the kind of home you want to pass to your kids. In the winter months however it is like living in a colander. The holes become so insanely obvious they may as well be missing walls. To avoid this we apply insulation, and stop gaps to seal in the heat, and seal out the cold. I would like to take you through our winterization process, and hopefully show you something that you haven’t seen. At the very least I hope it will be an entertaining read. 

Windows are the primary source of heat loss for us. They are not wildly old, but they did not start life as top quality either. This makes it necessary to insulate them. We accomplish this through the use of shrink film on the window sills. 

The best advice I can give you with this material is to measure your total window area first. Before you buy know exactly how many square inches of window you need to cover. Buy about 10-20% more than you need because you will need. The second best advise I can give is to prepare yourself for a bit of stress. The materials are not the most user friendly.  

The other area where we lose a lot of heat is doors. Like their less accessible cousins they leak, and must be addressed. These are less stressful to secure. New weather stripping where needed, and perhaps a little spray foam. 

It’s also not a bad idea to wander around the basement looking for drafts. The job gets easier if you can rustle up an IR thermometer, but the back of your hand still works if you can’t. 

Until next time…


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