I will preface this post with a warning. If you are not comfortable hire an expert, if you have never done it before hire an expert. I am not an expert and offer this only as commentary and not a definitive guide. If you are interested in servicing your own heat source find an expert to teach you how. That being said. Don’t be afraid to take the steps to learn. This is not rocket science. 
The first source I’ll talk about is our pellet stove. A few years back I got the chance to sit with an expert and watch how he took the machine apart and how it went back together. 

The mechanics behind this heating device are pretty simple. It has one blower to pull out of the burn box. One blower to move air around the room. It has a burn area, an intake pipe and an exhaust vent. Cleaning it is a simple matter of making sure there are no blockages and that the fins in the squirrel cage fans are cleaned. 

The second source of heat that we use is an oil burner, which I’m pretty sure is older Than I am. This particular unit I call a professional on. I’m not a fan of getting blown up. There are things I can do though to mitigate cost. Firstly I clean the filter myself. I also clean the ductwork, and replace any non burner related bits. 

That is all we have. I’m inclined to apologize for the lack of pictures and in depth description. My hope is that I can spark your interest and get you started down the path to fixing and maintaining your own things. 
Until next time…


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