There is a shift in workflow in between the seasons. A change in the type, pace, and goals of the projects that we all take on. Here on the homestead my focus shifts to indoor work. The cold weather does not bode well for outside tasks. In the past this has been a seat of the pants style undertaking that usually culminated in neglect of the blog here and a general magnetization to the couch. Not this year my friends, oh no. This year I have a list and a will to blog. The first steps here are to get the tools positioned so that I am not hunting for them in the snow. All the hand tools are being pulled from the renovation project in the barn to the basement which will be my winter shop. 

Some of the projects on tap:

New stairs into the basement before I fall through the old ones. 

We’ be chasing drafts and cobwebs 

The insulation situation will be getting some attention 

And there is wiring to address 

I also want to plumb in a silcock in he back yard but that may need to wait for spring. 
Until next time


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