In the fall like in the spring there is a lot to take care of in order to successfully change seasons. None of us like to be wading through snow banks to retrieve the new expensive rake that was left on the fence line. Likewise none of us like to discover new and exciting smells once the windows are closed and sealed for the year. The steps that we take on our home are to first get the outside projects while the nice fall weather permits. Then focus on the inside projects when the weather turns nasty. I like to start by making sure things are picked up. All of the tools, while they should have been picked up when they were put away for the season, somehow I always find a rake or a shovel that slipped by. I then like to look for any blocks, or chunks of wood or cement. Things that will be unpleasant to find with the snowblower. Depending on my mood and the temperature I may mow the lawn low, but really given my hatred for lawn it usually gets left. We do not use a plow truck but if you do this would be the time to put out those markers to avoid almost certain destruction.

Indoors is kind of like spring cleaning for us, except not as extreme. In the fall i’m only looking for anything that will make an unpleasant odor or add to any reduction in air quality. Lets face it though, when you have to close up the house for the winter there is always something that comes along to ruin the quality of the air. The trick is to do the best you can without pulling out your hair. 

In the similar vein of cleaning is a bit of preparedness. In the late fall I like to see if i can find the snow shovels, and then see if they are in a serviceable condition. I never really put an emphasis on the condition of a snow shovel at the end of the year given our proximity to a salted road and their general poor construction. Nevertheless I like to get them dug out. While i’m at it, the salt comes out too. 
Until next time… 


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