Good morning readers. Here is something new that I have been debating to give a try for a while. On mondays I’ll be bringing a couple stories from the news that I found interesting, or had an opinion on. I also want  to give you guys a look at what’s on tap in the coming week.

First up we have the news coming in that the DAPL has been shut down for the time being, and forced to find a different route. This is great simply for the fact that it will end the direct friction between the protestors and the the police there. Long term though I do not think that it really made any progress. The pipeline is still  going to run, just a different route. I’m not confident that anyone really WON this thing.

Earlier this year a pipeline in Alabama exploded. While it was cleaned up and all went back to well there were still injuries associated with it. Short term though, this is a good thing. Everyone can go to a corner and cool down a bit, and perhaps re enter the debate with a clearer vision.

I also would be remiss if I did not acknowledge the waves of vets that went out to stand with the sioux in their struggle. It is my personal opinion that they were the deciding factor in this event.

From the LaCrosse Tribune we get a story about the animal welfare laws that are slowly creeping in. The article tells about Massachusetts laws regarding how animals are kept in larger agricultural settings.

Looking ahead this week

Tomorrow we’ll have a look at getting the snowblower back up and running for the season As well as a look at converting it to something resembling a plow. I’m still looking for a topic on Wednesday, If you have something you would like to read there shoot me a quick note. Thursday brings news from the homestead, Friday we’ll continue our discussion on getting home found here. Saturday will be “start something Saturday” We will be starting a new project and following it through to the end. 

Also keep an eye on our YouTube Channel, there is going to start being some activity there as well.

Until next time…


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