Today on this incredibly snowy day I’ve decided to do some garden planning to get ready for the spring time. I feel like this will be the year that the garden area gets a renovation, or better yet a rethink. I know I want to have greenhouses on the property. This will bleed into future business happenings. I think I can get away with at least two without sacrificing all of my growing space, three would be preferable but that is pending a tape measure on the land.

I’ll start with a little philosophy before practice. What do I want the gardenflower-veg-balance to do? What do I want it to be?

The ideal space for my personal flavor would be both productive and beautiful. It should have somewhere around three quarters of its use geared toward the productive side of the spectrum and also have the beauty dispersed so as to increase its desirability.

The garden should be a place that the family wants to be and can be for extended amounts of time. I would like this to be a year round space, but i understand the constraints of the north east and outdoor activities. It is possible that greenhouses may provide the solution.

The garden should follow closely the rules of  permaculture, or as closely as I can get on this tiny land.

This aspect might be a bit confusing, and may be impossible. The garden should be little yet large, but little. Lost yet? I’ll explain.When you enter the garden it should physically fit in the little space that I have available while feeling very large, but not so large that it does not envelop you in it.

The garden should be a habitat for beneficial wildlife. It will be a goal to provide habitatbee-1575236_640t for many forms of life.

All of this of course is just an exercise in daydreaming.  However good of a job it does in helping me understand where I want to be, it does not direct or guide the nuts and bolts of actually getting there. Over the next few Saturdays I’ll go with you exploring the different points of this vision and how I can implement it in my garden space.

Until next time…



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