Coming up this week on the homestead it looks like it’s going to be another snowy week. Although it is exciting news to see that the weather is warming up spring is on the way. 

Toothache tree 
From the Virginian pilot online I’ve found a story about the toothache tree. I had never heard of it but boy it sounds neat. I can see it being used easily as a border shrub, a polite yet firm way of saying you don’t belong past here. 
On the homestead this week I’m looking at getting started with seed. I’ll be taking over any and all south facing windows in the house. I’m also thinking about digging the snow off from where the greenhouses will be in order to give that project a head start. It will also help to be able to visualize the footprint before they go up. 
We’re looking forward to the first podcast on Wednesday. That will be a fun experiment. 
I’ll be starting a new prep Friday series this week. We will take a look at building a pantry. 
I’m looking forward to it. I hope you will join 
Until next time…


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