So what’s going on this week? Quite a bit actually!b85c3d00-2610-4912-b3fc-9d8a1b6a033e

I’m gearing up to rehabilitate the snow blower from a winter of salt. I have to strip the impeller housing and clean everything. It is also going to need new paint. Keep your eyes peeled for posts on that.


We are also gearing up for greenhouses. Clearing snow from the footprints to get a jump start on the thaw. I have decided on the format the greenhouses will take and I am hoping to put up three this year.

In case you missed it the first podcast came out yesterday. It is short because it was my way of making sure there were minimal bugs and that it would work at all. Now that we all know it does. Wednesday’s will be the day to look for those.

This week I’ll also be starting the pantry series. I plan to look at ways to not only make my pantry deeper. I’m going to look at ways to fit it into everyday life as a means to keep better track. Stay tuned for that.

The weather says rain this weekend so it could be a heavy popcorn and movies weekend too. Time will tell.


I nearly forgot, check out our new Logo Art! I procrastinated harder than I ever have before but it is finally up across most all of our platforms. I’m pretty excited about that.


Until next time…



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