It is amazing how fast February has flown by, with one day left in the shortest of months lets have a look at the news and what is ahead for the week.

First up coming to us from the Wichita Eagle out of Kansas, The rich are apparently fixing to live like ground hogs. I’m not fully sure what to make of this except it looks like a waste of money to me, and it would not be MY preferred route.

From the Telegraph across the pond in the U.K we have a story discussing the hope of French farmers in Marine Le Pen. This is probably one to watch since the trend of (insert European country here)exit is starting to take off.

And that’s it, that’s all the news I can stand to talk about. The rest is Oscars drivel, and how much the press hates the president.

Turning our sights back to the homestead, our quick glimpse of spring was simply Tom foolery on the part of mother nature. We are back in the grips of icy cold for the time being. My valiant efforts to remove rust from the snow blower are going to require a larger wire brush, perhaps drill mounted stay tuned on that.

I’ve got the second podcast coming up as well as continuing to firm up the locations of the green houses. We will be taking a look at Seed as well this week and gearing up to get the starts on their way. So stick around and enjoy.
Until next time…


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