Today on equipment Tuesday I welcome the end of winter with the traditional wire brushing off the snow blower. YAY! it’s probably a bit early but the old girl is down for the count anyway until I get a new belt for the impellers. Might as well take off a layer of rust.

This will more than likely consume a few posts since this is a rust monster. We have to start by choosing the right tools for the job. This one is fairly easy wire brushes and spray paint.

The first stop is the auger housing and the augers. I have the parts manual which will serve me as a rough guide.

Through my initial valiant efforts I have determined that I am going to need a bigger brush. For now everything has been hit with penetrating oil, and will be allowed to sit for about a week.

Equipment as you know is not always tractors, mowers, and blowers. It is is anything that helps get the job done on the homestead and eases the manual labor of the process. Along this vein I have begun to prep the area that will be the homesteads greenhouse, well one of them.

The area that I am going to need is roughly 8’ by 12’. This is no small potatoes here this is a large space being devoted to this project. I am very confident that it will be successful. The recent tasks that this has been requiring is reading quite a bit of zoning ordinances.

The town has very particular ways that it has to be done. My challenge has been trying to decide whether I should play nice with the donkeys or do what I want anyway.

The layout of my property is like a wedge. It has road frontage on one side and brook on the other. Each one claims a right of way.

The problem becomes that if the rules are followed to the letter, I’m left with nothing more than a small strip down the center of my land that can be permitted and used. This is highly unacceptable to me. We have paid a fortune to own this land and own it we shall.

Either way, more research

Until next time…


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