Good morning and happy Monday everyone. First an apology for the lack of posts last week. We were hit with a rather nasty snow storm up here and it halted everything I have been working on dead in it’s tracks. It’s beginning to warm up again so I can get underway once more. This week we are continuing to wait for it to warm up. Where I could see green last week it is all snow now. It is a massive bummer. Nonetheless we press on. Look for a new podcast on Wednesday, and I am hoping to begin the pantry series on Friday. I just have to keep chugging on, warm weather is coming. With that down, here is the news.


It is hard and getting harder to dodge stories of what this government fruit loop or that one is doing. My goal is to really dodge that garbage and bring you news that is relevant to homesteading on a micro homestead. I think that this one is a good fit, plucked from the pile of usual crap in the news


This one is from FOX59 out of Idaho. It tells the story of a boy and his dog that were attacked by a trap set by the government that did not tell anyone they had planted it. Yes it was an accident, but it was an accident that did not need to happen. If the government was properly acclimated to what “Boundaries” are the trap would not have been set near residential spaces. They also would have informed the community.

Instead what happened is a little boy got hurt and his dog died, The family was called, CALLED by the department of agriculture to apologize. What we should be taking from this is

  • Where the poison trap was located.

The article states that the trap was located on the border of the family’s property, It further states that there were two more 300 Yards from the swing set!

What we should pull from this is to keep an eye on the borders of your land, just like any country would keep an eye on theirs. Know who is there and what they are doing.

  • Who planted it

Never assume that the government is performing good. These days that line of thinking is more of a fairy tale than reality. We should strive to try to know all the activities that are in our area.

The next article comes to us from the It discusses the plight of industrial farmers in California, and their struggle to come to grips with the new immigration rules and coming policies


I think the most glaring thing in the article was the farm worker wages, and the fact that I need to talk to my current employer about pay rates. Aside from that it is the standard things. You cannot change federal government policy unless you are in power. The best you can do is work around them, or skirt them enough so they do not impact you. Industrial agriculture is not the solution to feeding a society. It works, but it degrades the fiber of the people. The most base element of what makes up a society is their connection with their agrarian nature. Industrial farming destroys that. If you do not believe me go sample random people on the street. Ask them where their hamburgers, or steak come from. For an even clearer picture ask them how lettuce is grown.

There is a solution, however neither side would ever be open to the prospect. Smaller farms, and private family farms. The industrial farmers would refuse this because they would lose tons of money and subsidies from the government that they continually claim to hate. The government would never go along with this because they would lose control. Control over the people that are eating the food and the method of production. They would fight against this intensely.

The only route left is to turn away from both. Avoid industrial Ag whenever possible and absolutely avoid  government involvement. Until mindsets change it is the only way.



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