Happy Thursday everyone! I’m hoping your day is going great. As most of you know it is cold here, I have only been whining about it for months now. It’s starting to look up though if the predictions are correct we should be back into the forties this weekend. In the absence of non snow covered ground I have a new podcast up for your enjoyment. We will also be starting seeds this weekend, and I am working on a couple new product reviews.

I have recently bought two new knives both of which I am extremely excited about. The first is a Morakniv Companion 4.1 inch, and the second is the Morakniv Eldris with the Neck Kit and Fire Starter.

Morakniv Companion


I’ll have more detailed reviews later in the year after I get a chance to use them for a while. What I can tell you from what I have used the Companion is that this knife is amazing! For the price of $14 on Amazon it holds it’s own against knives that are considerably more expensive. The blade quality is excellent and holds a wicked edge. In fact I have run out of band aids.

Morakniv Eldris


The Eldris just arrived in the mail yesterday, but I can tell you I like how it feels, and the retention in the sheath seems really great. I will still need to go out and use it and start some fires with the firesteel, but camping season is coming so that should not be a problem at all.

On the Snowblower front, I do believe it has finally died I got it running a little bit for the last big storm and then the engine died. Keep an eye out for posts on that. Perhaps it can be revived, although it doesn’t owe me a dime at this point.

I have also included the links to the two knives on Amazon.com. I am in no way affiliated with Amazon, or Morakniv just reviewing a product I purchased. If you cannot wait and must own these knives feel free to use the links.
Until next time…


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