Once again Monday is upon us, please hold the celebrations until the end thank you. Around here it is looking like Mother Nature may be getting ready to make the switch from freezing cold to warm but soggy. Our weather looks to be in the mid forties and rainy all week. I’m hoping you are having better weather where you are .

On the homestead there is not a lot planned, we will be starting some seeds at the end of the week, and perhaps some generalized cleaning and organizing throughout. Generally the boring stuff that doesn’t warrant writing about. I have a couple of interesting articles that were found on the fringes of the internet.


The first article comes to us from the Palm Beach Daily and Aleese Kopf over at WWW.Palmbeachdailynews.com The article talks about the company Cityblooms and it’s founder and CEO It is an interesting read. Check it out



And in keeping with that same vein here is a piece from Cindy Snyder at www.Magicvalley.com that discusses Technology in agriculture.



The question that I would pose to both of the authors and the interviewee in the first article is what happens when the reasons for the old ways are lost? What happens when people no longer remember why the plant needs a certain humidity?

I would also ask if they are instilling this knowledge when they dispense the tech? We all know that tech fails, at one point or another it always fails. Are the old ways being preserved?


Something to think on


Until next time…


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