Initial Review Morakniv Companion 4.1

Good morning to my great readers! Today I bring you my initial review of the Morakniv Companion. I mentioned this knife a couple of days ago and I would like to share my initial thoughts on the tool.

You should note in advance I am not sponsored or affiliated in any way with Morakniv, This is my review of gear purchased of my own accord.

I have to be honest here and tell you that my first thoughts were that a $14 knife would not last long or be very useful. I am happy to report that I was wrong, and the piles of great reviews on this knife were correct. This knife, at least to date has surpassed my expectations entirely.

The knife is 4.1 inches long, and a fixed blade. The blade is a carbon steel, and seems to hold a wicked edge very well (with minimal maintenance). Literally the edge on this blade is mean, I have required a bandaid multiple times and not known I was cut until several minutes later. The knife sports a ¾ tang and the spine is built to accommodate flint and steel fire starter. The companion also has a textured plastic and rubber grip that really fits the hand nicely. The company website Here states that the knife is 132 g or about 4.5 oz. It feels much lighter than that.

The sheath is a polymer molded type that retains the knife much in the same way a kydex holster retains a pistol. I was initially concerned about slippage but thus far I have not noticed any at all. The sheath has a built in belt clip that fits a wide 11/2 inch belt nicely, If your belt is wider than that you may have issues with the catch finger at the bottom of the clip.

My early thought on this knife is BUY, one for you and all your family even your neighbors. I am a firm believer that every grown person should have and retain a blade on their person anyway so this was an easy jump. But the winning point is that you could line your complete belt with these for  the price of some of it’s competitors.

I will continue to use this knife and update my thoughts on it throughout the summer and camping season I will have a final review for you all in the fall.

Stay tuned

Until next time…


  1. I have one of these and I love it. I use it for everything from cutting down corn stalks in the fall to slaughtering broiler chickens. It has discolored a little but I think that gives it character. Great little knife.

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