Good morning readers and Happy Monday! This weekend was a big one here on the homestead, though nothing really moved ahead a lot. I have decided to go with a greenhouse kit instead of building one from scratch. I have not ruled out building one in the future though. My rationale was that I just want to dive right into it this spring and not get mired in building a first time structure. The majority of our seed for the year is now purchased and planting I’m hoping to start in the next day or so. There is still about 6 inches of snow on the ground so there doesn’t appear to be a mega rush. Also be on the look out for the initial review of the Morakniv Eldris. I hope to have that out this week.


You will notice something new in the news links today. The links I provide for these posts will be archived. This essentially freezes them in time to ensure that you a) can see story even if they pull it down to try and hide it, and b)avoids providing the sites with revenue in the form of annoying ads.


The first story I have come across is back in the urban farming vein. This one comes to us from 13abc out of ohio. It discusses a woman being pleased that she was successful in using the  government as a club to bash an urban farmer. The city sided with the complainant and has ordered the city to “clean-up” the land for the man. Personally I found the story to be very biased and slanted toward the woman making the complaint. There is only one snippet from the farmer that now is having his land cleaned-up.

This next story I simply think is cool. It covers the history of Toy tractors and how they relate to farming. I’ve kept the link live because it comes with a great slide show. This piece is from the Register-Mail By Talbot Fisher. Enjoy.

Until next time…


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