Good morning my readers, I hope that monday finds you well. It is official as of the receipt in my inbox lilredhomestead is going to be around for our fifth year!. I cannot believe how fast the time has gone by. I hope that your are enjoying. This week on the homestead is looking to be a busy one. We are finally going to have some warm weather  at last. This weekend we started 150 plants and three types of herbs, more to come on that. With the snow gone it is time to start looking at the shape of the garden for the year. I’ll be covering that as it goes on. I am also expecting the arrival of the greenhouse this week and will post as that goes up. There is a tractor to resurrect from winter slumber and tools to find as well. Plenty of stuff going on. My apologies for not posting a podcast last week life pulled me away. There will be one this week however.


Today in the news:


I’ll start with a bit of stupid. Once again the carbon tax fools are raising their ugly heads.From the Union-Bulletin out of Walla Walla Washington we have this story by Riley Clubb.

What is proposed here is that a carbon tax will have some benefit to rural agriculture by allegedly lowering the temperature and saving water for said farms. Regardless of whether the fairytale of global warming is real or not, the water issue can be solved through better land management practices, and a move away from mono crop agriculture. This is not even to mention that nowhere in the constitution does is say anything about taxing carbon emissions.

The next piece comes from the by David R. Montgomery. I picked this piece since it fits right into my thoughts on agriculture and farming. Have a read it is very well done.

I’m looking forward to a great week here on the homestead hopefully yours is great too.

Until next time…


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