Good morning to my awesome readers! Today I’m getting the greenhouse started. It has finally arrived from the left coast, in a tidy cardboard box. Today’s work will revolve around getting a level base to park it on. 

The weather so far has been, not cooperative. I went around and around with myself on the location, but I think I’ve nailed it. 

I started out by staking the location to be sure it would fit. Thankfully it fit well. The greenhouse frame and cover are very light and wind prone so a base was in order. 

The frame consists of 2×6 lumber screwed square and anchored to posts driven about two feet down. 

The frame and cover were al in good shape. The frame went up in a matter of minutes. It took longer to motivate myself than to do it. 

The frame feels good but will need reinforcements before snow falls. I will further anchor the frame with u-bolts through the wood. 

The cover was an interesting project. To the neighbors it probably looked like I was swallowed by a booger for several minutes. I won’t lie I got lost in it. But in the end it went up fairly easily. 

The inside has more room than I thought it would. The next projects are flooring and benches. Then these little fellas have a new home. 

Until next time…


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