Sorry for the profound lack of post and podcast. Everything has blossomed here at once. Allow me to take you on a quick photo trip around

It all began here 200 seeds down in the dining room. This year is the largest year so far in terms of plantings. I’m very excited about that. 

As you recall the greenhouse was on order and its construction was somewhat delayed due to weather. In that time the seedlings all got leggy due to the lack of light they were getting. 

We fixed that soon enough. If you recall my last post I had selected the site. Due to the greenhouse being VERY light duty I decided to create an anchor base for it. 2×6 all around anchored to 3′ stakes driven into the ground. This will provide the grip needed to keep the house on the ground. It will also keep the frame from spreading. 

With the base in place the frame and cover went up. It literally took less than two ours to construct. What is not pictured here is the strapping that I put around the cover at the base to prevent the skin from being stripped from the frame. 
At this point the seedlings were wicked leggy and displeased. The next task was transplanting. What is shown is the 150 original plantings out of which 96 were viable. The low sprout rate is due to some old pepper seed I decided to try out. It was past prime. 

Here you see the first transplants to be done. Within hours they all stood right up and were loving life. 

The value of a table spoon is never to be underestimated. This handy makeshift tool allowed me to slide under the root ball without any damage. As a bonus I am able to re use the trays for the next round of planting. 

The next project to hit was the propagation bed, which I needed sand for. That brought me upon this beautiful Tom and his harem that were out for a stroll. It is also worth noting this is the first time the puppy has seen a Turkey. He was convinced he was the first to discover them EVER. 

The propagation bed seen here under my shirt on the left cost a whopping zero dollars to make. Thankfully we have a local home building company near by that graciously allows the public to access its scraps. A super win. 

The bed was lined with plastic and filled with the sand. 

Next up was to wake up the tractor. A little air in the tires and very much to my surprise she turned right over and started up. The fuel pump is on the way up so it wasn’t the prettiest of wake ups but it got the job done. The backyard was cleaned of winter debris.  

Today we put in our first cuttings. Apple, random house plant, strawberry, and courant. I plan to fill this bed to capacity. 

We also are just seeing the 50 cucumber plants poke up and put down another 100 seeds 50 flower and 50 veg. 

Stay tuned it’s going to be a great summer. 
Until next time…


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