So fun fact, as it turns out our state Vermont has put in place a MANDATORY compost law. Because we all know the government was set up to manage your trash habits. 

The law has an eight year phase in culminating in a final ban on food scraps in landfills. 

Is this a problem for us? No we are already well on the way, however I do not agree that it is the governments place To be worried about the individuals trash situation. 

This weekend we added a new compost bin.  

The bin on the right is ready. It just needs to be chopped once more and screened. 

The one thing I do need here is a good way to chop this stuff up as it breaks down. There are still a lot of larger sticks that did not break down. 

We’re also looking at a better collection method, but I think the only best way is to take the scraps out as they are created. 

It’s an ongoing process. I’d love to hear what you use to collect your compost scraps. 
Until next time…


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