Good morning all. Today I have a post of a different color. It’s no surprise that to get our message out we need social media. To grow a blog one hundred percent organically with just the blog would take longer than most people have, and would exhaust the patience of a saint. I took a look the other day. We have been at this for four years, we are into our fifth now. Make no mistake I’ll be at it until the fiftieth year lord willing. The next stop was to look at the message. While this is some what subjective I feel like the message we are relaying is in line with our values. It was early last year that I decided to wade into the social media waters.  

Since then the world has changed, flipped on its head by a budding generation and maturing generations that are tired of the way things are going. We watched as the nation chose a new president, and we watch still the incredible display of immaturity from the other side of the dicotomy. I try very hard to keep the poisonous taint of politics out of the content since vegitables know no party affiliation (that I know of). 

Even with a stay out of it mentality, I see things. Things that none of us should stand by and watch. I am reminded of Martin Niemöller.  I watched in awe as the term “fake news” was rolled out the day after the election and I did nothing. I looked on as the social media giants openly censored a free people and I did nothing. I have even seen math, the most pure and logical form of expression be twisted and corrupted by the abuse of algorithms and I did nothing. When do we step in? I submit to you that it must be done before this goes any further. 

You know what we are, and you know the way we think. Would any of us sit back and watch while slugs devoured the tomato crop? I don’t think so. To this end, lilredhomestead will begin to take a stance. 

I have begun by actively moving away from those that would censor and stifle voices for political gain. To date we have joined two new platforms to share our message. 

I strongly urge all of you to journey with me, away from those that will inevitably end up silencing us. While veg, livestock, and homestead projects are probably the least controversial topics aside from cute cat pictures. How long do you suppose it will be before “they come for you”  

Additionally you will begin to see an influx of news in addition to our other content. I believe it is important to shine a light on these malicious actions whenever they are found. 

It’s not my intention to diminish the content that we provide but to bolster it, and expose corrosive elements that would do it harm. 

I value every single one of you, without you there would be no lilredhomestead, but our community can not risk sitting out while the slide of humanity rolls by, because friends. We’re standing in the middle of the slide. 

Until next time…


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