Hey everyone it’s been another busy weekend. In the end though we have some brand new beds. I have also polished the swale a bit. 

What you are looking at here is he fits bit of swale with the actual trench cut in. I used the a frame leve to find the contour, and simply followed along. The trench is two feet wide and three inches deep. 

The removed material is then bermed up on the down hill side. I still have some work to do before his is plantable. When completed it will be slightly wider with a plateau top. 

The trench on the uphill side is then filled with mulch to both slow, and hold the water while it absorbs. On he uphill side of the mulch will be the filter bed that absorbs runoff from the roadway. 

Note the white pipe in the bottom. That is the new spiffy overflow for the rain catch. Previously the excess rain was just running over the sides and soaking the driveway. This should channel it into the swale, further aiding retention. 

I also added a couple new beds. 

These are made from 2×6 untreated wood. I know what you are thinking, but I don’t mind replacing rotted wood to get the piece of mind in knowing that the chemicals are away from the food. 

These went in next to the 6×6 beds which are becoming 6×6 plots. Half of their dirt will be going to the new beds. Each of the new beds got a layer of cardboard to prevent weeds from popping up. The next step was to re distribute the dirt. 

For this I screened it since the roots of a nearby tree have taken over the 6×6 beds. Plus the large chunks of organic matter were making it hard to plant and have the seedlings come up. While screening there was an evolution in the process. I started with the screen on the left and a hoe. That was until my shoulder said no more. This gave rise to the screen on the right. 

A spur of the moment creation. It is made with stud wood which is slightly smaller than a 2×4, nailed into a box shape. The bottom is covered in 1/4 inch hardware cloth, and I drilled through the frame to accommodate a rod. In this case it happens to be my broom handle. Now a simple rocking action will screen the dirt instead of the repetitive back and forth with the hoe on the other one. 

I managed to get one filled before the light went away. It looks pretty snazzy.  

More to come. Stay tuned
Until next time…


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