Busy weekend so far, and it’s only day one 

Greetings. This is setting up to be one of the busiest weekends of the year.

I’ll start with this girl who was hard at work on a strawberry flower when I came into the greenhouse yesterday morning.

The greenhousenis full to capacity now I plan to put a lot of it into the ground this weekend.

There is something about sunlight filtering through apple blossoms that makes the world very peaceful feeling. I took this while mowing the grass. The tractor decided finally to cooperate and get some work done. This saved my back from the wheelbarrow.

Don’t mind the mess. It is a hundred projects in their infancy. We also hauled out the old dog house that the boys never use.

I had to get a little creative to make it fit. But in he end the old tractor pulled it right out. I also thought I had what was a finished swale,

I am fairly certain that the error in the design is where the spillway is located. It looks like the rain barrel overflow created a torrent that pushed away the mulch to make a path.

When I looked a little closer it turns out the overflow for the rain barrel come out with a lot of pressure, and the relief overflow on the swale was way way too big. Instead of sinking in the water simply flowed through.  Fixes go in today you will see them in he next post.

Until next time…

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