The weekend is at a close now. I’m very pleased with the amount of work that has been done. It started with the washout. I was able to recover about 95% of the washed mulch. The fixes are in place. I started by plugging off the overflow, it was way too big.

In its place I put a single piece of half inch pvc at what I roughly estimate to be the full point. This should hold the water in the ditch and force it down into the ground.

The next step was to restrain the fire hose like deluge from the rain catch overflow. The kids did this one for me with a pile of rocks

Additionally I extended the berm out to the finished length of the swale

This should contain the rain and let it sink in. The next project was planting. Everything but the cucumbers, marigolds, butternut squash and onions has been put in.

They were all on the verge of climbing out of their pots on their own. Now they are happy.

The spacing is tighter than what is called for but I plan on intensive management to be sure nobody runs out of nutrients.

The lettuce I did differently this year. Because of the absence of space for long rows, the seeds were mixed and planted like grass seed. I’m confident that we will be eating lots of salad this year. Along with spring garden prep comes maintenance to the paths. Most of them got new burlap this year. The rest will be done once I get more burlap.

I decided to rest the huegle bed this year and set it up with buckwheat, and sunflower. We also sunk in a flower pot base to water the critters we are trying to being in. The whole thing was topped off with a decorative lighthouse. A gift from my very talented sister, who’s artwork has become our logo.

We also moved the raspberries, strawberries, chives, and kiwi to make way for the tractor path.

Now I have a way to go between the front and the back of the house that is not a tip hazard, or through the garden.

Another neat thing. This is our 200th post on lilredhomestead, and in honor of that we will be giving away a MoraKniv companion! I will have details on that early next week. I want to thank you all for your support and readership, without you this would just be work.

You guys make it special. That means a lot to me.

Until next time…


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