Hello my awesome readers. I’ve gone and rebuilt our outdoor fireplace. The need for a redesign comes from a horrible fear that I was going to melt holes in the green house. I also hated mowing around a big square in the middle of the yard. The new design sports a chimney and grill to break up the sparks. The grill top also allows for a secondary cooking method should the power go out, or we just want to cook outside.

It is built into a hill with plenty of room surrounding it to grow some really nice fresh food and herbs that will come in handy while cooking a meal. Plus it is far more cozy than the old bonfire style pit. It really gives the area around it a room like feel.

Go ahead. Tell me that’s not comfortable. The only thing it was lacking was some form of delicious meat and vegetable combo sizzling away in a cast iron pan (working on it) and perhaps a pot of coffee.

The flash picture really shows the looks of it. Once the chimney warms there is very little smoke coming from it. This will only get better when I increase the height.

The total cost for this was zero dollars, simply elbow grease. I’ve put together a video outlining the build. Have a look.

Until next time…


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