It is Time once again to break out the camper. Last year we used some get by measures in order to use the camper. This year the camper is getting a brand-new floor. The first step in this process was to clean out the camper from last year when it was put away. This was a challenge because of the way everything was put together when it was stored there was a lot of furniture that need to be cleaned out.

I now have a distinct lack of space in my barn. But the camper is cleaned out of things and is ready to be worked on. The next step in the process was to remove the temporary measures in order to see the subfloor that was below it. The sheet of plywood that was used to temporarily last year is going to become the new floor for the camper. This took a bit of cutting and measuring but the piece is finally done.

Mother nature decided in the middle of the process to get everything all wet. So I put it on hold for now, until things dry up just a little bit. In the meantime I have made a short video outlining the process so far.


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