Good morning everyone. Today I’m dealing with a section of porch that is sagging. It was at one point connected to another bit of porch but now it’s only hanging out on a single beam. Until now.

I knew I had one of these kicking around. The fact that it was missing pieces was a surprise. However I do have a way to get this done.

Notice the sag in the foreground there, it comes from only being supported by that one beam. It was put there as a stopgap and is not quite the right size which allowed the porch to sag down.

Here’s another shot that shows the SAG a little better. On the end where the porch runs out is where were going to be jacking from.

Because of the missing pieces in the support pole, I will be using my bottle jack instead. This is only possible to be safely done because I know the deck is not going to move. I would not recommend using this method on anything that has even a remote chance of moving.

The new beam will be resting on that support block there. It will only be until I can pour concrete to establish a footing. With the weather the way it has been I’m not going to risk pouring concrete today.

In this photo above I have removed the previous beam which was not attached to anything it was just kind of hanging out there. And you can see the Jack beam which is the red bar and the bottle jack that I used since I was missing parts. Halfway into the left I had to reset the Jack as it was fully extended.

All that the lift needed was another 2 inches so simple block of 2 x 4 work just fine. One thing to keep in mind when doing this is to make sure that the Jack beam is level. And always always watch where your fingers are and what’s above your head and how it moves.

Some places to check for level on this project are on the deck floor itself. Also check for level on the beam on two different sides, and on the base for the beam. All of these things should be level before you can screw the beam in to place.

Once all those three areas are level you can screw the new beam into the deck find a nice solid piece of wood to apply the screws this way you can be sure that they will stay. Here’s a picture of the finished product, I am also putting a brief video in for your viewing enjoyment.


Until next time…


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