Greetings all. Today I plan to put the final touches on the first stage of the floor fix. all that is left is to smooth out some of the details. Lets Dive in.

the first step is to make sure that the new rise does not catch toes. what I will do here is to set in a block of wood so that no toes can go underneath the floor. This will also allow me to set up for the rest of the floor which will be getting replaced later in the summer.

The other bit that needs to be done is to shore up the nose end so that the weak woodwork that is there will not collapse when the family uses the bunk.

To accomplish the first point I placed a small piece of 2 x 2 underneath the lip of the new floor. This will be screwed in to the new floor and act as both a temporary toe catch and a brace for the edge of the floor.


These small fixes are temporary until I can begin the finish work and make the camper what we really want instead of a canned one size fits all setup. Here is a short video of the process.

Until next time…


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