Hey Readers! The greenhouse is in between growing cycles, so it is time to get some wrinkles ironed out. The weed paper that I had initially put down had gaps in the edges. Needless to say the weeds have found their opening. The first order of business is to remove the benches and then the weeds.


The next bit is to reset the paper so that the weeds cannot re emerge as fast. I won’t truely be able to stop them until the floor is stone. 

Once the paper is reset the task becomes resetting the benches. This time though I am setting up to sprout seeds for the late season crops. 

All the current residents have been placed down low because it is HOT in here. I will need some more thinking on the benches in order to sprout what I want to sprout in the spring, and this fall. Stay tuned. 

Until next time…


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