Hey readers! Time for an update on the garden. It is the beginning of June and it feels like the start for the season has been very slow. There has been an abundance of rain and a lack of sun. Once the weather straightens out the crops should go gang busters.

As it sits right now none of the plants have really taken off. It’s a little early in the year to start worrying about days left just yet.

This bed is a bit of a race now. It gets to little sunlight that nothing really grows. This time next year it will be a chicken tractor parking zone. Currently it is a mix of beans and buckwheat. I had a senior moment and double planted, so the race is on.

The horseradish bed is a bit of the same story. I think the root stock I used sat in my truck too long and got too dry. There is that one cucumber though, who is convinced he is horseradish. Ignorance is bliss I guess.

These beds are mixed zucchini, blue Hubbard, and cucumbers. They are all doing ok, but taking their sweet time growing. I’m sure with the warmer weather that will straighten out soon.

Lettuce is doing lettuce stuff, whatever that is. It’s looking good, but a bit patchy. It will make room for a second sowing.

These wonderful plants are surprising me. Ever since I separated them from the raspberries they have exploded. There is even a berry there!

We have also finally trellaced the peas. I went with temporary fence posts this year. They will allow us to use them for several years to come.

Hindsight being 20/20 I would have flip flopped the peas with the squash and pumpkins behind them, but every thing is in now so we just enjoy the ride I guess.

The comfrey on the other had would grow on a parking lot and is doing amazing. It’s almost time for comfrey tea.

I’m also very surprised by a plant that I thought was dead this spring. My male kiwi has made an amazing comeback. For a plant that was one leaf on a stem this spring I’m impressed.

Finally the sweet potato. I’m not really sure what they are up to, but they look happy

That’s about it from the garden. Stay tuned for more.

Until next time…


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