Tonight I got into the greenhouse. partially because the basil and dill were ready to transplant, and partly because I was really itching to do some greenhouse work. I got all of the dill transplanted, and most of the basil.

I was running into issues with the basil since the seed is small and my fingers are big. I ended up with multiple plants in the same cell.

We’re talking 3-5 plants in a cell.  We won’t even discuss the mess that is spearmint there on the bottom of the picture.

What I devised was to carefully wash the roots and separate them.

This works very well by simply cupping the plants in your hand and dipping them. They were very easy to separate. In hindsight I missed an opportunity to apply a mild rooting agent during the rinse, but I think they will be ok.

Once they were separated they all got their own pot. They will remain in the nursery until they are a bit bigger and then head out to grow in a garden or window pot.

Here is a short video explaining the transplant a little better with a bit of a mini tour at the end. I lost focus a bit.  Hope you enjoy.

Until next time…


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