Back on the farm. Finally

We have returned home. My apologies for the unannounced leave. I am unfortunately one of those “paranoid” people that believes posting “hey I’m away from my home” is a bad idea. In the end though you win, two posts a day all week! Yay. I’ve scheduled the posts from our latest adventure to come out throughout this week. 

Unfortunately the campgrounds did not really lend themselves to filming videos, or I’m so amateur that I missed the opportunities. 

Now that we are home in faces with weeds. Tons of weeds. Before I can get those there is unpacking to do. 

Ugg.. the rain won’t let up. The more I get to looking around the more work I find. The swale overfilled and spilled out wrong causing a wash out and spreading mulch everywhere. I’m also finding new fun sink holes all over. 

This is the end of the swale where the overflow is supposed to go. It worked as it was supposed to, but I think the Dutch could stand to be a bit deeper. 

The water followed the pathways, once again like it was supposed to. 

But as water does it found a weak spot creating a sink hole. Too much for this evening. Work begins in earnest tomorrow morning. 

Until next time…

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