It’s amazing how quiet a park full of people can be in the morning. 

Quiet until this knucklehead decided everyone needed a song about six a.m. He doesn’t have the husky looks but he has their musical talents. We think the other part is giraffe, but I digress.  

Another neat change is that the park is expanding. There are new sites all over the place! 

There are some really nice sites in the works. 

One thing I’m not particularly fond of is that they have done away with their dog park. I’m not sure if it is permanent or temporary but it’s not here this year.

Now that Thor has the park woken up it’s on to breakfast. 

These are a Rushin homefrys. Not because of where they are from but because they are trying to keep up with the eggs and bacon. 

There’s an amazing thing that happened in a campground is that right around 8a.m all you can smell is campfires and bacon. It truely is magical. 

Right as I started eating the sun came over the camper to shine on me and the birds started singing. 

I believe I have found the solution for quieting down the singer. Many many walks. 

He is a hit everywhere he goes despite his singing debut. The trick I think is to normalize he many new sounds and moving things that are here. 

It’s about 80 degrees this afternoon.  A snack of guacamole and some shade is in order. 

This guy.. epic beggar. His eyes never left the cracker once. 

Now as the sun is setting, the wind has picked up. There is no rain forecast for tonight, but I’m watching a storm roll through back home. I hope the greenhouse stays put. 

I’ve also switched to a book that is less likely to put me to sleep. It’s an old book written in 1972. A lot of the methods don’t fit with the micro farm projects that I’m doing but I think with some imagination they can be tailored and scaled to have at least some use. The black notebook is going to be a farm journal. It is purchased from a really great local printer and book maker. I like that I can support locals for really great items. I enjoy these old books because the contain “the wisdom of the ancients” (cue adventurous music) that is not to say 1972 is ancient by any stretch of the imagination but it is older than I am. A lot of this has been forgotten through the years and the decline of civilization. 

Someone got pouty when he got kicked off the girls bed. He has so much personality it amazes me. I can talk to him just like a person and I swear he understands most of it. 

Here is my favorite road in the park. The trees make a natural tunnel. I missed my chance a few hours ago there was a perfectly silloueted couple walkin their dog. Would have been a great picture. 

This is the best time of night. The sun is down enough so you can pick out the camp fires dotting the landscape. The sounds of everyone settling in from busy days brings about a certain drowsiness. There is no rain called for tonight but the wind off the coast is just howling away. I’m thankful for that because it is holding the rain to the west, and away from our little expedition. 


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