I have figured out why I love 5am so much. Nobody is awake. Today is stifling 99% humidity and almost 80 degrees. 

Look who’s decided to be marginally social. He’s currently begging omelette from his mum. 

The omelette bar is set and it’s almost game on. 

We always eat better camping than we do at home. I think it is a product of time crunch. When we are home there is always a push to be somewhere. When we are camping there is no push, if breakfast takes an hour so be it. It is funny though watching my wife try to ward of hungry kids who learned to sample from somewhere (not guilty)   

It’s bacon o’clock again. Best time of the day. 

All the girls have gone shopping, as girls will. This has left me with quiet time which is valuable as gold. Since there are no crops to maintain this week.  I’ll watch some T.V. I’ve also found a secondary use for the video equipment I’ve been getting. 

A short break from the heat can’t hurt. 

The girls have returned from their trip. We now have a new stuffed rabbit, and hedgehog. 

We find ourselves back in the heat of the entire tribe is kicking back with freezy pops in the shade. Both dogs look like they are ready to drop. Neither one wants to be in the a/c though. Crazy animals. 

The mid afternoon has me watching the weather. Storms are rolling in from over New Hampshire, and there are watches and warnings everywhere. We are still sunny here the breeze from the ocean may keep it all inland for a while. 

Another amazing supper. The dogs always get spoiled on camping trips. Sausage and marinated pork with pasta salad. 

The south wind has faded out. Looks like we are getting wet. I guess it will be an indoor evening. 
Until next time…


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