Today I’m setting up my first garden journal. I’ve taken a simple unlined notebook from a really great local printer, and will simply record my observations in the garden. 

You can find your very own hand bound books and amazing letter press items here

And here
But what to record? That piece is going to grow organically as I go along. My goal is to create something that cannot be wiped out easily. The blog here and everything we all put on the web is nice and all but really it’s only one hard drive crash, or power surge away from destruction. Meanwhile my shelves are lined with books nearing 100years of age. 

The first information I have recorded is the date and day. Along with the weather conditions, temperatures, humidity, and barometric pressure. I will eventually add rainfall amounts and sunlight studies as well. 

While growing is easy and anyone can get started and enjoy success there comes a point where we need to think more like a scientist. 

The next step I’ve taken is to throw on the old cartographer hat and map out the garden. 

Make a note of what lives where. This will be most handy for next year. This year however since the beds are numbered I can reference them by number instead of ” oval one”.  

The next step is to simply observe and take notes. 

You can add pictures and seed info as well. I think though in a book of this quality illustration would be a better fit. Remember it will be your kids and grand kids reading and learning from this, make it awesome. 

Until next time…


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