I’m finding that the more vacation I have, the earlier I wake up. It’s 0616 and I already have the dogs walked, and have had my second cup of coffee. I took a walk over to the Dodge dealership nearby and had a look at some of the trucks. They were nice and all, but the one I looked at was 80,000. If your wondering that’s almost as much as the whole homestead. It served to strengthen my resolve to never take another payment again. That’s for sure. 

This is a nice example of early mornings here. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. I got word from home that the greenhouse is still there after the storms. 

My current reading has me thinking about compost again. I have to increase my yield if I intend to improve the soil at the homestead. To that end I’m looking at making a shredder to go after 14 day compost. I found a great video online where one was made from an old lawnmower and a 55gallon drum. I am thinking that is the best way to go. 

The boss lady has started a meatloaf in the slow cooker with potato and onions 

We have also had the good fortune of oaks overhead. So naturally we look for acorns. 

Going to try to find more than just the one. Perhaps have an oak or two growing. 

The meatloaf! It’s killing me.  It’s all I can do not to eat it. Must wait til dinner. 

Dinner was amazing, and now I’m staring at two very exhausted dogs

Campfire time, and we got THE worst wood I have ever burnt. It never fails that I have problems with Maine pine. Every time. 

Well the day ends where it began. Sitting around with a cup of coffee. Just got this photo from our caretaker back home. 

With thoughts of home, I think that will do it for the day. 

Until next time…


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