Each day this week I have walked the dog at 5am. I have had no trouble, and the dog behaved except for his singing on the first day. 

Last night while we were making s’mores we were approached by a lady, who identified as “off duty staff” and “a friendly neighbor” she asked that we keep the puppy indoors until 8am. Valid request, except the puppy goes to bed with the girls at 8pm. Seeing the problem here? So this morning, rather than clean puppy crap from all over the camper we went for a walk outside the park. 

No big deal right? Except we paid to be here, paid a lot. This lady, if she WAS on staff works here, and really should not expect people to amend their vacations so that she can sleep on her day off. Does this make me a jerk? Perhaps but I don’t care. My initial reaction was, fine… I’ll walk the puppy at 2am whispering hey look at that squirrel. Thankfully my cooler head prevailed, and we simply went a different route. The downside of this lady’s behavior is NOW I will make no effort to quiet my puppy after 8am. None at all. He can bark his fool head off. 

She then proceeded to ask us if we had noticed the workers building a new fence. I told her it had been heard all day and didn’t bother us. At this point we were encouraged to complain about the noise and we would get free breakfast. Sorry lady that’s not how we work, but you did damage my view of this great park. So congratulations. 

This is the fence. If you ask me it looks better than a car dealership. Enough about that though. Today is a new day. 

Let’s start with some fantastic new breakage. It appears to me that the genius that brought us the front floor decided it would work great to screw the entry stairs to the wood frame of the floor, and skip welding them to the frame. Now I’m confronted with stairs that no longer function. I swear this camper will be the death of me. 

Since there is nothing I can do for the stair at the moment, it’s time to focus on the next project. The generator. I’m going to attempt to clean up the carb and make it run again. 

Never mind. That’s beyond repair for now as well. I will need to take it home and tear it apart. I got it running but I think the float is stuck, which I cannot fix here. Thankfully I was able to catch it before a lot of fuel leaked. I’m about done with today as a whole. 

I’ve made it to dinner. Feeling much better now. Tomorrow is a travel day as we head for our second adventure at emerald lake. Tonight will be spent relaxing and going to bed early. 


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