Morning readers! Today I have dubbed reclaiming day. After a week away, and a week of rain I have broken out the machete and jungle guide to begin taking back the farm. 

The American outdoor shag rug has taken over. Most people would say it looks unkempt and messy, but all I see is free nitrogen. There’s also some pretty flowers so it’s technically a garden. 

The rain has finally stopped but we are left with this swollen river. 

I got exceedingly lucky last week on my lunch break. There was a house with a free sign and a pile of pots under it. Two doors down on the other side. A nearly full bale of peat moss, also under a free sign!

This folks is why we pay attention while driving. This will save us some good money next spring in the greenhouse. 

I can’t get over how nice this garden looks and how relaxing it is when it’s all caught up with

I’m almost at the point of chopping down my first cycle of buckwheat but it’s hard to get there since the flowers are amazing and full of polinators. 

Our peas took a beating in the heavy rain but they are still chugging along. 

Fun fact. Where the garden is, used to be a garage. Some of the wood got buried to save on fill. Reap what you sow right? I’m now filling sink holes all over. 

You kind of have to test your steps. I found this one with my toe. Luckily I have a little balance. 

No biggie though. A couple shovel loads of dirt and it’s good as new.  

While out on errands my youngest met a turtle. 

This fella was attempting to cross the road. We of course stopped for a photo op and helped him across. The purpose of the errand was to drop off some brush, and pick up my soon to be compost dicer 3000. 

Some assembly required, but no sweat. 

Next on the agenda grading the tractor path. Well it works. Keeping the tractor going is the biggest trouble. I really need a fuel pump. 

Time to wrap it up for this one. 

Until next time…


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