Up with the sun today. Pretty well rested, yet already tired of reminding little hands to stop playing with the bug candles. Payback for my mom I guess, I used to be the same way. These candles are about the only saving grace. The bugs here are thick and mean, I think they would eat the meager tiny mosquitoes that we saw in Maine. 

The hardest part about using campgrounds and parks is the silly quiet times, and trying to get young kids to bend to them. The kids don’t care about quiet times. Well I shouldn’t say they don’t care it’s more of a lack of understanding as to why. They figure if they are up how come everyone else isn’t. It’s frustrating to keep explaining it, but eventually they will understand. Once again I laugh because I was the same way, except my parents didn’t have a camper to muddle my early morning shenanigans. 

As hard as it is to get into the site it does make a nice little camp. 

This morning was a small morale boost. I found a Dunkin’ Donuts near by. Glazed anything always improves moods. 

Even the squirrels got in on the donut action. This guy let me get about a foot away from him. He walked off with a strawberry frosted donut for his perciverance. 

Now it’s a vacation. This is my most favorite yet least used gift. Now, I can relax. 

Until next time…


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