I am happy to report that today is our only rainy day so far! And even that is going to burn off. 

Even the rain can’t stop the kids. I’m currently watching my youngest splash through puddles. 

In between rain bands I managed to get the dogs walked. It was close though. 

Had to run into town for more coffee. I can’t think of a bigger sky than this.  

We are fortunate this weekend to be camping with good friends, their kids and ours do a wonderful job of wearing each other out and providing a little quiet time for the adults. 
I am however ready to go home. I have had enough vacation and I’m ready to get busy back on the farm. I’ve been given a million ideas, hopefully they all stick in my head until I get home. 

For now I’ll settle for a cozy fire. 

We have made it to dinner time sausage, seasoned chicken, potatoes and onions. 

I think the kids are vacationed out as well. Time to wrap this day up with a coffee and a fire. 

Until next time…


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