A couple of weeks ago I marked out a good sized bed. This bed has good light for most of the day. Today we break it open. 

The plan is to house the broccoli and cabbage here. Better get hopping. 

This is one tool that will always have a spot in my garden. It is perfectly suited to fit between tight plants and the forks make it a real winner at removing sod chunks. 

And with time and a little elbow grease. 

A new bed is born. I still need to get the long shovel and deep dig it but the sod is off. 

Another pile of useless American outdoor carpet gone. It will be used to fill the terraces that are going in below the bed that was just dug. 

If you can picture it in your mind for a moment. Two terraced growing areas ending in a small pond where the stroller is. 

For really reaching down to the sub soil I’m using this. 

Not ideal but it works and it’s cheaper than the $160 for a heavy fork. There are a ton of rocks in here it will definitely take some working to smooth out. 

The next step is to flatten out the sod pile and begin forming the first terrace. It’s a start. What I really need is a ten wheeler of soil. 

Until next time…


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