So if you remember back to last week my swale resembled a river, and was rather destructive. 

This time around we are going to correct a few mistakes that were made in the first go round. 

Here is the problem. 

The bottom of the swale is carrying a pitch. This is no good. It is also carrying a pitch from front to back. This allows it to form a river that runs up against the berm instead of landing and holding still. 

What needs to be done now is to dig out the excess and re establish level across the whole swale. The first steps here are to peel back the mulch, which has proven to be more of a problem than a solution. The buoyancy of the wood chips allows the water to flow over and around them, ultimately picking them up and depositing them in the garden. 

This time around I think I will go with straw. I think leaving bare dirt is a bad idea.  

In the absence of the proper tools man is forced to improvise. By placing the level on an eight foot 2×4 it becomes an eight foot level.

What I’m after is level ground end to end. This will break the tendency for the water to start running. The next task is to level the ground front to back. This will keep the water from pushing directly under the berm. 

Here is the first section done. It is level across an eight foot stretch and level front to back sampled about every six inches. 

To achieve the level over eight feet I had to remove quite a bit of material. 

 naturally one project lends itself to another the terrace is being born. 

It’s going to take a lot of fill to do this. But I’m determined. 

That’s all I have light for now. Join me next time as we finish this project off. 

Until next time…


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