Today there’s nothing earth shattering going down. Just some standard garden maintenance. We just picked up a rain gauge today so we will be able to elaborate on what a “boat load” of rain really means. 

It was on the el cheapo rack at the home improvement center so I’ll keep you posted on how it holds up. 

We are also starting to see things fruit! Except the tomatoes they are all emo and pouty at the moment. 

I’m also going to be doing gear reviews on these two handy lil devils. 

They have already changed the way I work, and I’ve had them less than a month. 

Fun teachable moment here gang. When dealing with a razor sharp knife and crappy Chinese packaging. Be careful where your fingers are. 

Thankfully it’s not my driving finger! Nonetheless we have success. The homestead now has an actual clothesline!

Time to redress this finger and relax a bit. 
Until next time…


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