Hey all back in the greenhouse today making sure everyone’s pots still fit. Check this out. Our first greenhouse cucumber. 

I’m also seeing roots on the pothos cuttings!

Also from two strawberry plants we now have five. I’m telling you this greenhouse was the single best investment ever. 

So this trend of thinking you are a strawberry is growing. I just don’t have the heart to tell them. 

Yes Virginia that’s a tomato that now believes it’s a strawberry. Most concerning. 

I’m still swimming in basil, so if you know somebody…

The currants are coming along. I think I got their feet a little to wet. Nothing a few days of drying out won’t fix. 

I’m holding out hope for this little zucchini. It just got a bigger pot. I’m pretty sure it will take off. 

The sad sad spider plant has also picked up some steam. It got a bit of a trim today. 

The grapes, I am happy to report are rooting splendidly. 5 out of 7 took. I will repot them in late summer and let them overwinter in the greenhouse before they go out. 

Which is pretty exciting since this strain of grape is something of a family heirloom. 

Another exciting addition to the greenhouse is yarrow. I decided to pick this up after the puppy cut his paw pad a couple weeks ago. 

We are also adding echinacea to the corral. Most of this will stay on the homestead because of its great value medicinally. 

Until next time…


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